Senior Project Introduction

Senior Year; it’s finally here! Here is what I could offer a textile/designer major. Click on the link below!


Lidia Alvarez Introduction

Flat Pattern : Collared Sleeveless Dress

This collar, my oh my, this collar.

It was tricky. I really thought I had it all right, till i sewed it.

And I forgot my pattern at home, AY! Lidia.  -_- Excuses don’t get you hired, I know.


Flat pattern: wrap dress

HOLY MOLY!!! It’s about time I get something! I finished the dress. Okay, so the sewing could be better, but I finished!!! I’m feeling success. I really enjoyed this project because it came easiest to me. I see places that could use improvements, like the sleeve bias strip, but I really think this might be e pattern I choose for my final project.




Flat pattern : pegged pleated skirt well

Well, i really tried my best. This project definitely wasnt my best work. I would have been cut if I were on project runway. But one positive, I really think my tension got a lot better . 🙂 I worked til the last minute, and I couldn’t seem to get it together to finish in time. But, it’ll be perfect come portfolio review day!


Flat pattern:dolman bodice

Who knew knits were even harder to sew?! I think sewing has been my biggest challenge in this class. While this pattern took unnecessarily longer than normal to draft, it was not the most difficult aspect of the project. -I hope I did it right though! That being said, I have been pleasantly surprised when these projects don’t turn out as difficult as I thought they would walking into it.





Flat Pattern: Shorts (Trousers) & Skirt

After my first attempt to pattern making with the bodice sloper, our next assigment shouldn’t have seemed as daunting. While, the Shorts and Skirt sloper were much more managable, the fatique of a full load of classes, work and extra curricular activites, made this asssignment the more tiresome. What ever the reasons, it was completed. Now, with these basic slopers completed, it is my hope that furture pattens should come easier. -At least, that’s the hope.