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Love and Marriage

As we enter week 6, is it? – I am growing more and more proud of the work my partner Wend and I have produced thus far. While everything has not gone as smoothly as we would obviously like, we have made compromises and adjusted to the environment we are dealt. Check out our latest blog post on our progress!


Love and Marriage, you can’t have one without the other. And producing a collection is much like a marriage.

In the collection’s inception you are filled with excitement and deep lust and love. Your collection  is perfect and you just know that you’ll love your collection forever. IE. The Honeymoon Period.

Well, then the realization that your collection is not perfect! But rather super challenging and consistently testing your patience and your wallet! Your patterns wont line up and material cost are quickly adding up. You’ve had to make slight changes to the original designs.  This is also the time in the marriage that you realize communication is really key. Communication with your sample makers is vital. Sometimes it can feel like you are speaking different languages, and in Quore’s case we did! While I speak understand Spanish, our sample makers and I had several misunderstandings about our sewing expectations.

Lastly, and hopefully we are…

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Zippers,Embellishments and Editing…

Wendy and I share our weekly struggles, accomplishments and laughs on this weeks Production update. Take a look!


Lidia here!

We have had a busy week in the Quore Studio. While time has moved quickly, so have we.  We have all our patterns and muslin’s in progress. We have confirmed our photographers and models lined up for our look book and runways show and we have several logo prototypes to consider.

Quore’s master textile designer (and co-designer), Wendy has started her felting samples. We got our fabulous and luxurious wool fiber from Mohair and More fiber supply shop which is located in New Waverly, Texas where they raise registered white angora goats, providing high quality and beautiful mohair fiber.

(This is the website that links to the store where we got our fantastic wool Highly recommended! It is shop that where you can find good quality and cheap wool fiber. )


Wool fiber is felted on the surface of the foam. Playing with contrasting color, magenta and peacock wool roving are…

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Patterning, Day One.

Wendy and I would like to encourage you to follow our blog for bi-weekly updates on our Spring 2014 Collection!





Our Spring 2014 Collection is currently underway!  Designers Wendy and Lidia (myself) are meeting minds and undertaking the daunting task of patterning the entire collection. Wendy has ordered her textile materials and I making connections with possible sample makers who will take on the final step of the production process and sew our collection. 

In addition, I am playing with fonts to design our logo, and on Saturday we will buy our final fabric. Lots of work needs to be done within the next few days to ensure our sample maker will have plenty of time to finish our garments within the week. 

We are excited to offer bi-weekly previews of our upcoming collection. Stay Tuned! 




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What is the T?



What is the T?

Weho Street Blog

West Hollywood Street Fashion Blog



Current notes 


Fairly new city, 1984 

41% demographic is made up of Gay Men. 

In 1985, West Hollywood was the first city to create a same-gender domestic partnership registration for its residents, as well as to offer same-genderdomestic partner benefits for city employees.




1. Music Central, sunset strip, viper room, Whiskey a Go-go, Roxy, house of blues   — talk about history of hair metal rock scene 80s  and how its changed now.  


2. Gayville USA ( offensive? possible names….)  — Santa Monica Blvd. Bars and clubs the night life.  


3. Shopping- Robertson Blvd. Melrose ave. shopping district.   Day time trips- Kitson, Intermix photos of employees and shoppers. 



Spring Lookbook!

Click here ->Cover    to view the front and back cover of the Spring 2012 trend leaflet.

Click here -> final body edited to view the “Fashion Focused” view on spring trends and how to any woman can incorporate them in her wardrobe!

newly edited spring lookbook.

please leave comments with any suggestions or  critiques. 🙂

Project 3

In my detailed 70 year life plan, working as a stylist is very much included.I had to physically try to control my excitement when I found out that this class would include producing our own photo shoot. I absolutely LOVE styling. Everything from the birth of a concept, collaborating with other artist; photographer, MUA/Hair, set designers ect. , pulling wardrobe, being on set, and I even like the work that most stylist come to dread, organizing and shipping back the clothes. I love it all, what can I say. Any who, having done photo shoot before, I wanted to take this chance to push myself further and do something that I wasn’t as comfortable with, No, NOT modeling, but taking the photographs myself! Since I have never done this before -not counting the few times I forced my cousins to dress up as Elvis and another to dress as Avril Levine when we were younger- i guess that could be considered  my first styling/photoshoot experience . 🙂  I wanted to make the shoot a much more casual, ‘blog’-like feel.

As a part of a semi-regular feature on Fashion Focused, we will be breaking down seasons top trends and presenting them in a way that a  ‘regular’ fashion savvy person can wear. So, I will be using real women -my sister and one of my best girl friends- to highlight the best of Spring 2012’s trends as presented on the runway.

Cant wait !