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How do we make textile sustainability a NORM?


This weekend alone, while I was cleaning out my closet, I had several conversations with my mother about the way in which we discard textiles. Her instinct was to trash (black bin) dirty rags and stained/unwearable garments. I think that is the thought of most people. It is clear that you should donate (meaning give to salvation army and they deal with it).

Most often textile recycling is only done through ‘events’. Not on the weekly basis like plastics are. I called Athens Services and inquired about their textile recycling. I was hoping that there was a separate bin solely for textiles.

Upon contacting Athens, there was no textile. There would be an  increase in price for adding another bin (but it wouldn’t be designated for textiles)  for adding this service.  Athens does not have a separate only textile material however they do follow LAW AB341 that recycles 99% of 2 yard containers.

Looking for textile recycling alternatives in Los Angeles I found this company:

Itd be great to have an option that’d be a home pick up.