Love and Marriage

As we enter week 6, is it? – I am growing more and more proud of the work my partner Wend and I have produced thus far. While everything has not gone as smoothly as we would obviously like, we have made compromises and adjusted to the environment we are dealt. Check out our latest blog post on our progress!


Love and Marriage, you can’t have one without the other. And producing a collection is much like a marriage.

In the collection’s inception you are filled with excitement and deep lust and love. Your collection  is perfect and you just know that you’ll love your collection forever. IE. The Honeymoon Period.

Well, then the realization that your collection is not perfect! But rather super challenging and consistently testing your patience and your wallet! Your patterns wont line up and material cost are quickly adding up. You’ve had to make slight changes to the original designs.  This is also the time in the marriage that you realize communication is really key. Communication with your sample makers is vital. Sometimes it can feel like you are speaking different languages, and in Quore’s case we did! While I speak understand Spanish, our sample makers and I had several misunderstandings about our sewing expectations.

Lastly, and hopefully we are…

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