Project 3

In my detailed 70 year life plan, working as a stylist is very much included.I had to physically try to control my excitement when I found out that this class would include producing our own photo shoot. I absolutely LOVE styling. Everything from the birth of a concept, collaborating with other artist; photographer, MUA/Hair, set designers ect. , pulling wardrobe, being on set, and I even like the work that most stylist come to dread, organizing and shipping back the clothes. I love it all, what can I say. Any who, having done photo shoot before, I wanted to take this chance to push myself further and do something that I wasn’t as comfortable with, No, NOT modeling, but taking the photographs myself! Since I have never done this before -not counting the few times I forced my cousins to dress up as Elvis and another to dress as Avril Levine when we were younger- i guess that could be considered  my first styling/photoshoot experience . 🙂  I wanted to make the shoot a much more casual, ‘blog’-like feel.

As a part of a semi-regular feature on Fashion Focused, we will be breaking down seasons top trends and presenting them in a way that a  ‘regular’ fashion savvy person can wear. So, I will be using real women -my sister and one of my best girl friends- to highlight the best of Spring 2012’s trends as presented on the runway.

Cant wait !







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