Newest post from Fashion Focused. Former Intern sues Hearst Corp. for unlawful labor practices. I know almost if not all the internships ive held, have broken these laws.

Internships are tricky. Especially in creative fields like Fashion. Many people who are looking to break into the field, must intern to even be considered for an entry-level position at a major fashion firm be magazine or design house. Having experienced a handful of internships myself, I know first hand how some internships may seem a little bit more rewarding than others. The things you are asked to do, the amount of hours you put in and the sacrifices you make, all to say you have worked with a certain person or for a certain company for NO PAY. Yet, many people would “Kill for that internship” (figuratively speaking, of course) to a top fashion magazine or esteemed fashion firm. However, it is far to say that some companies have taken advantage of these eager working bee’s.

One former interns has had it. A lawsuit was filed on Wednesday to…

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