Fashion Focused

Fashion Focused is an independent Fashion news, criticism, editorial and featured based source directed to the fashion savvy and enthusiast. Fashion Focused aims to provide timely news reports affecting the fashion industry today, including original features such as profiles on prominent fashion icons, trend reports, style advice and other “Fashion-Focused” information. Fashion Focused is comprised of 2 editors: Lidia Alvarez and Leigh Anne Linehan, who encouraged readers to submit original fashion related material to publish.

The majority of the readership to will be female Ages 17-34. , however, there will still be a significant male audience. (at 60/40%)  While Fashion Focused will encourage style at every budget, similar website research shows readers median household income is around $50k-100k a year. Since Fashion Focused will be published in Los Angeles, California, the geographic distribution of our audience will focused in the Los Angeles Area but include other metropolitan and rural communities on a global scale. Fashion Focused is geared to gather and share fashion news and content that our readers find significant.

Advertising for the site will include a heavy presence on many popular social media sites including  Facebook and Twitter. Partnerships with retailers and independent designers will be formed in the future to gain audiences for both the retailer and the website.

The Font draws from inspiration from different fashion news sources and magazine, such as Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar and Elle. The font used will be “Aachen STD Bold”.  The double “F” icon will be a simple way to identify the company on different social media sites.




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