Tom Ford -The Truest Definition of a Fashion Designer

Photos By Steven Meisel, Dec. Vogue

       I’ve been experiencing the worst writer’s block lately. I have been wanting to write something but i had just not been inspired. December’s Vogue was the turning point. Writer Sarah Mower captured my heart in  “Mr. Ford Returns” and Steven Meisel, wow, he photos were outstanding. Please, go pick up the issue NOW if you are a true fashion junkie. This will feed your needs for quite some time.

      Every Fashionista who was NOT invited to Tom Ford’s comeback to womenswear show after 6 years, has been DYING to see photos of the collection Tom Ford truly brought back the exclusivity to fashion. His collection will be sold only in his sixteen stores until next season and there will be no repeat of the launch show. Only magazine editors will be able to view his collection in his showroom in London. He describes his collection as, “The seventies is what I love. Soft, touchable beauty is what I love.”
     As a fashion lover and I suppose, blogger (isn’t that what I am doing now) the Internet is our prime source to gather and consume all that is fashion related. I love it. But since the use of Internet in fashion, the Fashion Cycle has been on a cracked out speed. Tom Ford notices that, he explains, “I do not understand everyone needs to see everything online the day after the show. I don’t think it ultimately serves the customer, which is the wohle point of my business-not to serve the journalist of the fashion system”. I am, according to Ford, a part of the ‘journalist’ – in a small scale- who is pushing this fast pace fashion system who wants to see things NOW. It has been the ultimate stylist game to nab the hottest looks off the runaway for their clients on red carpets, but Ford says, “Ill wait to see who is nominated for the Oscars. Then I will offer to dress one person”. This guy is a Renegade (although, I don’t think he would not be too happy to be called one.)  On the flip side, as a designer (that being my ultimate fashion goal) I can totally understand and respect Ford’s business savy thinking.  
     The speed of the Fashion Cycle is something that fashion students are warned about. This cycle moves fast! Especially now because of the help from the Internet. Ford challenges that idea and aims to slow it down by creating classic, well made clothes of value. (Yes, that does mean expensive and likely out of my price range, but a girl can dream right?!) After designing for Gucci, and even calling the Gucci Girl being, “too trendy”, Fords women’s collection was made for his muses who he says, “beg” him to make them suits because they “cant find that anywhere!” (on a side note, how awesome would it be to have Tom Ford as your bestie?) Ford wants to make something of “intrinsic value”. “I don’t think fashion has to change every five minutes. I’d like these to be clothes you can wear for a long time- ten 20 year; pass on to your daughter”. -I always tell my dad that buying designer, would be an investment!  
                     Ford has lived the high-speed fashion lifestyle because of his work for Gucci, YSL- even designing fifteen men’s and women’s collections in one year!!! He knows what sells and has even shined a light and believing in Alexander McQueen, Stella McCartney, Balenciaga and Bottega Venta! If you weren’t certain before, know, Tom Ford really knows what he is doing! Now that he is no longer working for mega corporations like Gucci, he is really coming back and controlling his brand. “My goal is to be like Armani and Chanel.” He is soo involved with his branding that he even sold an Andy Warhol self portrait for $32.6 million and spent the profit on his stores in Hong-Kong, Beijing and Shanghai after rejecting outside investors! This guy, he is doing things his way! I totally respect that!!

Photos by Steven Meisel, Dec. Vogue

    Tom Ford was known for being somewhat of a fashion bad boy. but as he said, “inhibitions are there for a reason.” He has “cleaned up” his act and for once, can truly see that he is in fact a talented designer. “Maybe it is because I’ve learned over the past five or six years that I do have certain talents and gifts I maybe wasn’t sure of before.” -Crazy right!-. Tom Ford has built a business that I admire. He is creating, everything from makeup, men’s and women’s, even movies (A Single Man and a second movie, a comedy, in the works!)

 “The day i don’t love to do it, I’ll sell it. because we’re only  here for a little while, and nothing we do or make has any permanence at all. I care now because I’m doing it. I want to be proud of what I do. Which may be ten or 20 years; who know?”

Photos by Steven Meisel Dec. Vogue

As a designer, I am looking forward to the day I gather the confidence that Mr. Ford has gained of the years. This article was beyond inspiring.  If you are even remotely interested in the industry, (which i assume if you are still reading, you MUST be) then this article is a MUST read. I only touched on the surface. I love reading things like this because it only further assures me that I am in the right field. 

I hope that you get the same feeling. Ultimately, LOVE WHAT YOU DO! and keep doing it until you don’t love it anymore.



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