Betty the Builder

Can we fix it? Yes we can!! Cynthia Rowley Tools  Picture this, you are living in your gorgeous town house in hip trendy Los Feilz in Los Angeles, or maybe in your beautiful loft apartment with a perfect view of the Marc Jacobs store in SoHo in NYC and BOOM, you have a tiny leak in your sink, be you don’t sweat, your totally prepared to handle a situation like that, and of course in the most fashionable way.  

Just because we may live and breathe fashion and everything in between, it doesn’t mean we aren’t capable to do other things.  Even if we aren’t handy with the tools and fix-it things we’d still want to look as fashionable as we could! Cynthia Rowley has just the tool set for us. We love that they include everything from a staple gun (who doesn’t appreciate a staple gun?) to an oh-so charming tape measure, level, and flashlight set. So not only can you impress others with your amazing DIY skills, but you can also save yourself from looking like a tool when doing so.


The Genuine Article by Cynthia Rowley Tool Sets are available at and in Cynthia Rowley stores. Each set is $25, as is the tote bag, while individual items are $10.
Printed Tool Set Tape Measure, Level, Flashlight
Printed Tool Set Hammer, Pliers, & Screwdriver
Printed Tool Set Craft Knife & Staple Gun
Tool Bag

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Fashion student/stylist/writer/journalist/designer/ enthusiast

3 responses to “Betty the Builder”

  1. Bego says :

    those are some fancy gadgets! very stylish! the tools are manly but so womanly at the same time, lol. I love how you write! <333333

  2. Ella says :

    You almost made me wish for tools for christmas, almost, hehe! By the way, love your name, yey!:D

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