Sans Stylist?

              “Who are you wearing?” is really the most important question when stars walk down the red carpet. Often times the answer to that question is rehearsed. Celebrity-Celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe, is most “it girls” go to stylist for most events and press tours, yet, a few celebrity fashionista are refusing to use any stylist (or so they say-Blake Lively.) ;] 

These ladies have great style without the help of a stylist and really have a style of their own. 

Who: Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen

Say: Nothing. But it’s assumed.

Reality: Despite the fact that everyone thinks this dynamic design duo does it alone, they actually have worked with several stylists over the years, including Annabel Tollman and Estee Stanley.

at the MET Ball 2008 – thee most important fashion event ever!

Who: January Jones

Says: She loves fashion so much that she doesn’t want a stylist.

Reality: This, for the most part, is true. Jones is an avid vintage collector–which was evident long before she appeared on Mad Men–and she works with the same designers again and again, like Versace and Lanvin. While an assistant of some sort–whether it’s her own or someone at the network–surely traffics the samples, we’re confident Jones is making the decisions.

one of her best red-carpet looks

Who: Blake Lively

Says: She doesn’t need a stylist.

Reality: No, it doesn’t seem that Blake needs a stylist, because she has Eric DamanGossip Girl‘s costume designer, who clearly “helps her out” for big events. Eric thinks Blake is the next Jackie O, so I’m sure they collaborate quite often off-the-set.

She is famous for her “right of the runway” style 

 Who: Chloe Sevigny 
Says: uses stylist for big events, but her style is still innately her own. 
Reality: Chloe uses celeb stylist Ezra Woods for big events, but when Chole really gets it right, its usually because she styled her self. 
Chloe wearing Chloe at a store opening


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