Where Has The Exclusivity Gone? I’ll tell you!!!

FowardFashion.biz asks where the exclusivity has gone 

“While the gen pop rages over designer collaborations with discount or high-street retailers, the message that is being sent could be seen at a stab at high fashion.  While most are able to go to H&M and get a taste of Alber Elbaz for under $100, most would never dream of going on such fashion binges on the real thing.

Average folks storm the shelves of H&M and Target to get the likes of Alexander McQueen, Lanvin, and Sonia Rykiel, but where has the exclusivity gone?  It is rare to find such brands on closeout/ sample sale sites like HauteLook or Gilt, for reasons of brand image for these fashion houses, but wouldn’t it be better to see these looks at highly discounted prices rather than at stores that everyone has access to?

Not that I am against the collaborations at all, but in a way it demeans the value of the real thing.  People buy high fashion for many reasons, but the main outlining reasons are for the quality, the perfect fit and fabrication, and to be able to flaunt how much money you have dropped on such merch!  While the popularity of H&M rises, what is happening to labels like Lanvin?  People swoon over the images bloggers post with fashion icons like Anna Wintour, Agyness Deyn, or Karl Lagerfeld, because they are being offered something unattainable.  What happens next- when the unattainable is absolutely attainable?  The interest is lost.

Although this could be a bad analogy, imagine if you called the guy you just went out with 3 times in a row because he didn’t answer.  The line would probably be dead from the evident desperation and neediness.

We buy luxe because it is something we can pride ourselves in.  News has just broken out that Karl Lagerfeld will be designing a line for Macy’s.  Karl Lagerfeld is no stranger to collaborations, being one of the pioneers for such collaborations with H&M in 2004.  I am sure that the line will be amazing, but for such fashion fanatics it is sheer disappointment.”

Well, I’ll tell them!!
I have to disagree with this post. Personally, as a young fashion lover who doesn’t have the expendable income to buy Karl via Chanel, I appreciate these collaborations.
Fashion is not about what you can afford, it is about how the you wear the clothes and personalize it. Fashion is personal.
Collaborations don’t demean the ‘real thing’ they challenge the high end lines to push the boundaries further! Can you imagine that fashion world. The cycle will never end, even if plain jane from the middle of nowhere Kansas sports Karl for Macy’s (which im tottallly excited for!! eeep!)
Fashion shouldn’t only be for some based on socio-economic status, it should be for everyone and anyone who appreciates it and makes it their own. 
And on that Note, I can not wait for Karl Lagerfeld’s line for Macy’s!! 


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One response to “Where Has The Exclusivity Gone? I’ll tell you!!!”

  1. Chelsea Elizabeth. says :

    I completly agree with you! The fact in life also I think is that not very many people will ever be able to afford high end fashion so I think these collaborations give them an opportunity. 🙂 <3Chelsea Elizabeth

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