Wow. The City = Tears??

So I never really thought much of Whitney Port, The City or her collection. While her collection is cute and very marketable, it never cross my mind as anything substantial because of how overly exposed it was due to the show. I also thought it was a little fake because of the reality show aspect. 
Well, after I saw the premier tonight of The City, I was somewhat moved. 
I even cried! HAH!
Just witnessing the pressure, excitement, worry, rush,  gosh, soo many different feelings, made me soo emotional. I know, DUMB! But, to put myself in her shoes, I felt it. I can not wait till June when my line debuts. I cant even think how insane its going to be. While her show was 24 looks and mine will only be 7 and while her show debuted at Bryant Park and mine, well the location is still to be determined, but I’m sure it wont be Bryant Park,  
BUT seeing her mom, dad and friend there, helping her, gosh, I KNOW I’ll have that too. I’m sure I’ll still feel that incredible feeling. 
I think I might cry! 
I just needed to get this out of my system. 

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2 responses to “Wow. The City = Tears??”

  1. lydia. says :

    that's so exciting for you!yay. 🙂

  2. Ragil Mega says :

    Good luck for your line =) sure you will make it to Bryant Park one day and congrats for being Teen Vogue Best Dressed Reader =)

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