I am getting to work…

I have had a really busy weekend.
Filled with a cop pulling me over and making me take a breathalyzer for no reason (of course it came out to 0.0! ) and getting a ticket to getting a guy’s number at a Smiths/Morrissey Club night at The Echo.

But most importantanly, this weekend, I really worked in the begining process of my line.

I don’t yet have everything necessary to complete my collection, but with money at an unsteady flow, this is the way it has to be. I am looking into buying the rest of my fabric this week. Hopefully.
I had sooo much fun dying the velvet fabric a beautiful blue color this weekend. I think the color is gorgous and it really came out the way I hoped it would.
My little sister is to thank for finding this beautiful silk dyed fabric. It has this water dye pattern that is amazing. I started working on the draping for that particular dress today at school.
Did I mention Im at school. Im blogging from school right now. I have soo much time to kill before my next class. So meanwhile I wait for my friend to get out of her class so we can have lunch I wanted to catch you all up on where I have been.
I also had another meeting with the Director of the short film Im working on. Luckily the filming date got pushed to May. Pheww! It’s going to make my life soo much easier. But I do need to continue looking for a few more costume ideas. So, I’ll have to deticate some time to that within the next week aswell.
Im starving. And I really should use this time to catch up on my Women Studies class and the reading I have to do for it.
UGH can you believe Im STILL in college. gosh, when will it be over??
I have two years left.
Hope you are enjoying yourself and I hope your life is good.
Thanks to all my readers! I’ve really noticed my views have risen! WOOHOO! Let me know how you are doing and if you are  in the middle of any projects!

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