Brig May Really Know Best: Interview with Shear Genius’ Brig Van Osten


             Weeks ago at the Lauren Elaine Fashion show I had the WONDERFUL privilege to meet Brig Van Osten. She is a contestant on the Bravo Show “Shear Genius”. 
As the Owner of P!ay Hair Lounge, Brig Van Osten has worked in the beauty industry for 13 years. 

            Brig has been featured in Life & Style Magazine, and her work has been seen in Modern Salon, American Salon Magazine, and on the television series What Not to Wear. Brig is known for providing honest opinions and helping her clients recreate a professional hairstyle at home. She stays current by attending monthly classes, including instruction at Bumble & Bumble University in New York.

          On the night of the fashion show, Brig offered an ear full of amazing advice. She encouraged me to stay connected with her and after exchanging a few emails, I decided to ask for an official interview to post on my site. I was surprised and excited when she said yes! 
SO please enjoy:

1.  Brig, “Normal is Boring, Turn Up the Volume” has become your signature phrase, how and when did you come up with it? 

I came up with it when I started p!ay hair lounge nearly four years ago.  I wanted a quick phrase to let the world know that p!ay was not the “typical” salon.

2. Were you always certain that you wanted to do hair?

My mom suggested it when I was 17 after watching my creativity since I was a child.  I did not want to go to junior college just because that was what my friends were doing.  I wanted to know what professional direction I wanted to head & then seek the proper education to best suit my career.  I spent 2 years following high school earning money at a pest control company before I could afford cosmetology school.  

3. You really showed the judges and stayed true to your unique style, like you always have throughout the show, like when you won the challenge on episode 9. “Bring it on Bitches” – what motivates you to forget the critics and do hair that you love even known that others might not? 

I always look forward and never behind me.  The past is called that for a reason.  It is unalterable.  What I can do is continue to learn and grow with each new minute and become more informed and well rounded with each new moment.   I compete against myself.  Everyone will always have an opinion and I find that refreshing.  The world would be a boring place without it.  My style is my own.  There will always be someone with a vocalized opinion.  That is why it is called MY style.  

4. When we met, you encouraged me to walk up to anyone and start making connections, easier said then done, how have you managed to fight your inner scared-ie cat and put yourself out there? 

Even with the large amount of confidence I have, I still can be intimidated by certain situations.  I ask myself why and my answer usually pushes me past that speed bump.  I find that as long an you are kind and smiling, most strangers are more than happy to give you the time of day or as in yours and my situation point you in the direction of a vending machine.  I remember being at that LA Fashion Week event with so many beautiful people & approaching you and your friends and dropping my icebreaker line for the evening.. “Have you seen the vending machine?  I am starving and need a candy bar or something.  Why don’t they have food at these events?”  You all started laughing and now look what has become of it.  We networked and found common interests.  How simple was that?!

5. Besides your wonderful hair, your unique style has also been a topic of conversation thoughout the show, who/what inspires you when you get dressed in the morning? 

That is a hard question to answer.  I think I am extremely visual and collect inspiration throughout each day.  When I get dressed it is reflected.  I love to dress in color and wear unusual items.  Not for anyone else, but myself.  If no one makes a comment an entire day, it really makes no difference to me.  Lately I have really found my creativity raging out of control and I am making things.

6. What are your plans after “Shear Genius”? 

To continue to enjoy each day and focus on inspiring others who might need some encouragement to “Turn up their volume”.  I love to inspire someone to take the plunge and do something they have been procrastinating about due to fear.

7. How, if in any way, has the show changed your styling methods or views? 

Being mentored by Orlando Pita is a HUGE opportunity.  During Shear Genius, I would STOP everything and always hang on his every word of advice during the challenges.  I have a load of respect for him and trust that he truly had given me pointers that were in my best interest.  These tips have been added to my arsonal and continue to further me as a hair stylist and artist.  The other competitors were extremely talented and I learned from them as well.   My views have not been changed, only broadened.

Brig is AMAZING! 
Lets all Root for her as she competes on the season finale of Shear Genius Wednesday April 7t at 10pm on BRAVO! (check your local listings)

Get connect with her: 
Visit her Facebook page 
Her Official Blog: Brig Knows Best

I Cant wait to see her WIN!! GO Brig!!!

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