Websites that have helped me out…

Fashion really is a , “You gotta know someone” kind of business. It can be very difficult to put yourself out there and find out which ropes to take. They say networking is what you gotta do, but how do you do it without having a start? 

Without having any direction connections, my start was kinda rough. But once these websites came into my life, things became a bit easier. 

I owe a lot of credit to the following websites:

My Sophomore year in High School, My ROP teacher refereed my to Roseanna Garcia’s non-profit organization, Latina Fashionista. Roseanna Garcia. She started the program in 2007 from a non-profit grant. She is a fellow Cal State LA alum with the same degree I am aiming to attain.  Through her organization, I found out which public colleges offered a degree in my major as well as many scholarship opportunities. If it wasn’t for her organization, I would be very lost right now. I owe a lot of my industry knowledge to her and the people that help her run Latina Fashionista.This organization is for any person of any race. Check it out! 

Carla Isabel Carstens is the founder of Free Fashion Internships, has single handedly helped out so many young fashionista’s like myself. As a professional intern herself, she had the brilliant idea to provide internship listings for FREE!  Created in 2007, Free Fashion Internships received over 1.3 million page views! That’s a TON of resumes that were emailed! I know I’ve spent countless hours emailing resumes and cover letters to the amazing internship listings that her site has provided. Some listings include, Zac Posen, Marie Claire, Vera Wang, and many more! Check out her site, !


 Alexi Wasser is, on the surface a simple young women, she is cute, in her twenties and likes boys. But she is more than that. Currently located in Los Angeles, Alexi writes a blog about boys, life and everything in between. With a no-holds bar attitude, she touches every subject about relationships, dating, sex, and life in general. Unknowingly her blog and motto: “A pep talk in the form of a slap in the face in the form of a blog.” has encouraged me to take charge of my life in every form. Though she does it in a  
very witty and down right honest way! for that I am eternally grateful! So check out her site! You’ll be on it for hours laughing all the way!  

*All Images and names were used with permission from proper owner.


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