Working For Myself.


Its been a long day. 
Lots of designing brain work. 
For my collection, 
I finallllly finalized the designs and number of piece. Thats it, I’m not changing it anymore. ( I hope!) 

I placed an order for fabric, though I still need to buy more for some pieces. As well as locating the proper “glits”  for each piece! : ) 
And made a decent game plan for my patterns.
I feel really confident that the collection in its entirety will be concise and trend relevant (Which is not a bad thing!) 

In other words, I’m feeling really good about it! WOOHOO!
But a few nights ago I had a TERRIBLE dream that it was the day of the show and I only had ONE dressed up and the show was terrible and I wanted to cry. But then I work up! THANK GOODNESS!

I also have been working on the costume breakdown for that movie I had mentioned. PHEW! Now thats a lot of work!!! 
Ugh I really need to get back to work on this character breakdown. I have to finish it before Monday! 

So Have a wonderful weekend, I have a few awesome blogs in store!! Can’t wait to get the proper permission to post them!
So stay tuned!!!

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Fashion student/stylist/writer/journalist/designer/ enthusiast

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