Big Things Poppin’

(I have no clue what the two T.I.’s are talking about in the beginning. But I love it!)

Things are happening!! I really like the message to this song. I’m doing it for my family and myself!

So Monday, I have my very first meeting with the next up and coming director and a producer I used to intern with. I am going to be head wardrobe for a film. I’ve been an intern for a movie before, but this time, its all me! I know I can do it! I’m REALLLY excited! This is going to be a big deal! I’m still a little weary about sharing toooo much information now, but as things move along I’ll share more! This is a big break for me!  I’m sooo happy!

On Ella-Clothing news, I’ve been really getting alot of great advice from this book called “The Fashion Designers Survival Guide” By Mary Gehlar. 

Its really been soo useful and just like the textbook to my life. Its been helping me out soo much. 

I start my Spring Quarter on Monday! So I’ll finally get to start cutting my patterns. I wanted to ask my professors for help. I can really see this taking off. 
Things are really good in my life. I couldn’t really ask for anything more.


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