Spring! 🙂 
That is what I’m most excited for right now. 
I need to go shopping to update my wardrobe!!
One of my favorite websites,
is responsible for sending me a daily email about fashion and trend.s. I really look forward to it every morning.

Their spring picks could not be any more right on!
I am proud to say I have a few of these pieces already. Like the sunglasses. I bought a similar pair for $7 at Burlington Coat factory back in October! And everyone one has a pair of Mid-Blue Denim in their closet. I just need everything else!
I think the color for Spring that really stands out is nude. I love nude. It reminds me of the “naked dress” from the first season of Sex and the City.

But as much as I am loving spring, I need to think about colors for my winter collection.
I’ve learned about trend forecasting and to get a report, you have to pay alot of money. 
So I need to figure it out on my own. Since I am in the process of creating a collection that in the fashion world, is a little late in production. Fall 10 fashion shows just ended. And many designers have already completed their Winter collection if they are doing one. 
So I’ve been using the color pallets of the fall collections to kind of predict where winter 10 will be heading. 

This is like a preview of what thinks the fall/winter collections will be heading. A full look into their prediction for fall/winter is like 500 bucks! Yeah I cant afford that. 
And since all the collections are debuting now, I can just look it up online for free! 🙂

And thats what I’ve been doing. 
I figure things between fall and winter shouldn’t change to much. maybe some colors will be tweaked here and there but it should all stay semi consistent. So when I go fabric shopping, (that’ll be in the next week.) 
Ill be looking for fabrics within these color families. 
And since I just love spring, I’ll be carrying the Nude color into winter. 

I can not wait till June when the collection will be complete!!


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