Lauren Elaine AW10 Fashion Show and Networking Greatness!!

Well that was an AMAZING Show!!!

Here is a description:
“Designer Lauren Elaine, in partnership with the world famous Key Club and La Maison de Fashion, present “LA Rocks Fashion Week”- featuring the debut of the Black Label Fall 2010 Collection and special musical performances on March 22, 2010. Tapping into the renowned rock glamour of the sunset strip, this Los Angeles Fashion Week event will feature a theatrical runway presentation inspired by “Little Red Riding Hood”with a percentage of proceeds benefiting the Clearity Foundation and Ovarian Cancer Research”
There was a performance by Kayslee Collins who seemed super sweet and invited the cutie Lucas Till(of The Hannah Montana Movie Fame)who she is reportedly dating.
Although her performance was very sexy, she wore an American Apparel Jumpsuit with tight black pants you could tell she was like a teen queen kinda girl.
I also meet the LOVELY Brig Van Osten of Sheer Genius. She walked right up to me and my guest and started talking to us! She gave me all these great advice about really just getting the guts and start making connections at event like the one I was at. 
She introduced me to two costume designers who I hope email me soon! 
Luckily I had my business cards handy!
Have I mentioned I got my business cards?! How cool is that?!
Anyway, the show was pretty amazing. Although, the production as a whole was a little amateur, I cant really talk. It was still very good! I was impressed by the designers vision. She had these really cute dresses that can be worn at night or during the day. Thats really my favorite and kind of the direction I am going with in my line. 
Even though I am sooo Sick to death of plaid, she really managed to create a lovely plaid maxi dress. I hate that I wanted it! hah!

Well, needless to say I left that event just in love with the industry even more than I already was. 
It was SOOO much fun!
I’ll be adding pictures that we took during the event as soon as I get them. Like i mentioned before, I dont have a camera 😦 so  stay tuned!
I’ll be going to another show tomorrow, and You bet I’ll be writing about it soon!

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