110 Years of Fashion Opening Night Ceremony.

Friday Night I felt so coo.l. I thought, WOW, this is it! Im being invited to to a fashion event under my line. 

Well, Even though, I’ve been to a few Fashion Week events in the past but this time it was for my line. I was invited as Lidia, The Designer for Ella. AH!! 

The California Market Center has been holding fashion events all week and lasting all month. Los Angles is really trying to become a force in Fashion and I really think its great. 
This event was held in the main lo. It included Installation Pieces from each decade. From 1900’s to 2000.
There was plenty of Wine, Juices and Chips. hah. yes. Chips. It was a small event, and I felt a little out of place because it seemed like everyone knew each other.. but it was fun. I went with my sister-in-law so we managed to entertain ourselves. 

These shoes are to die for!! UGH! I love the Chunky heel. 

And If you’re a man and you dress like this, have a pocket full of Morrissey References and can offer a coffee date full of Banter, well, I’ll fall in love with you. 

I was born Aug. 30 1990.
I love all that is the Nighties. I really wish i was a college graduate in the mid-late 90’s. 

I really want to get a real Camera. My cell phone is just not cutting it anymore. I will be saving for one. 
I have a few more Fashion Week events that I have RSVPed for. And Ill be posting pictures and commentary. 

Check back soon!


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