Thank Gooooodness!!!

Oh finally!

But just because I am on Spring break doesn’t mean i wont be doing any thing productive!

I plan on going to the Beach! Body boarding hear I come!
Doing some Serious Hiking! 
and catch up on some reading! 🙂 for fun…
Ive also become obsessed with this blog, http://www.imboycrazy.com 
so ill be very updated on that. 

But I will also be working on my patterns.
yup. I got my quotes back from pattern makers and I cant afford it.

So my awesome math skills will need to kick in. 
I have these really old VOGUE patterns in sizes 4-8 so I’ll be needing models of that size.

If you are interested in modeling for me, let me know!
Email me!
Head to Toe picture, 
close up, 
Your size, (standard american jean size should be fine.)
 and you will need to be available APRIL 17th and JUNE 19th

WOOO HOOOO Spring Break!!! 

About ellaclothing

Fashion student/stylist/writer/journalist/designer/ enthusiast

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