The 18th Annual Art of Motion Picture Costume Design Exhibition

Recently I visited the FIDM Museum & Galleries. The exhibit that I visited had a large display of different motion picture costumes, most of which were Academy Award nominated films.  The 18th Annual Art of Motion Picture Costume Design Exhibition displayed costumes of impressive skills and creativity. Nearly all the costume designers were successful in creating costumes that appropriately displayed the tune and era of each film. Costumes ranged from elegant embroidery and ruffles to denims and fleece.  It was clear that each costume constructed was made with accurate fit, tone and style for the movie in which it was set.
As soon as I walked in the costumes for the film Bright Star were displayed. Costume designer Janet Patterson created four well detailed pieces. One piece that particularly stood out to me was a bright red cropped knit sweater with ruffle details.  Michael O’Connor did a wonderful job capturing the costumes for the film The Duchess. Displayed were three pieces with extraneous detail for volume, beading and rich fabrics.  The Oscar nominated film The Last Station costumes by Monika Jacobs included three beautiful pieces. A dress worn by Helen Mirren was a beautiful deep blue color with a light blue lace appliqué.  The Sherlock Holmes collection used leather and think knits. It was appropriate for the time period of the film.
A caramel leather jumpsuit was the center piece for the Amelia display. Even without touching, it was clearly noticeable that the leather was soft and luxurious. There was incredible beading work in a dress for the Inglorious Basterds display. In the Young Victoria display it comes to no surprise that that there was plenty of gaudy jewels and detail. The gowns were adorned with lace detail on the hems. Details included satin stitching and French knots on embroidery.  
                Some of my favorite displays included that of A Single Man and My One and Only. A Single Man is a film directed by Tom Ford, so it came to no surprise that the costumes were just classic and beautiful.  Lines were clean and straight.  The wardrobe for My One and Only assisted by telling the history of the family. They were period pieces with knit fabrics and vibrant orange colors. One skirt in particular, had a print that resembled that of an African knit fabric.
                The film Pirate Radio included a jacket made of patch work. Different fabrics, especially suede, made up this jacket. The entire wardrobe was comprised of feathers and other intricate appliqués.  It was also interesting to see wardrobe from a futuristic perspective, the wardrobe from Star Trek and Watchmen we comparatively different.  Star Trek took a futuristic approach using very mod patterns and deep indigo blue colors as well as wine red.  Watchmen on the other hand, had a dominatrix view of the future.  The wardrobe consisted of PVS fabric and patent leather in a jumpsuit.
                Overall, the gallery of Motion Picture Costume Design was a very entertaining exhibition.  Having only seen a few of the films, taking a close look at the wardrobe made me more intrigued to watch the films featured. The great attention to detail by the beading appliqués and embroidery was visible in nearly all the exhibits. 

 The Hollywood 2010: The Art of Motion Picture Costume Design will run from    February 9, 2010 – April 17, 2010


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