I can almost taste spring break!

(I say and write that alot I’ve noticed…)

Winter Quarter is almost over!!
I have been super lazy this quarter. really. I’m somewhat afraid for my grade point average, but I can only blame myself and really, if it really bothered me, I probably would have done something about it.

But anywhooooo!
I have 1, 8page paper  and a 2pg paper to finish writing and a garment to finish and a small test to study for, then  I can enjoy my spring break!!! I have my textile final on Monday, and I have to turn in my paper on Thursday at 1:30pm.

I am really going to try to finish it before Wednesday because its Saint Patty’s Day!!
 ;]  So I really don’t need that leaning over my shoulder.

Then its Spring Quarter starting March 31st.
My classes still aren’t finalized. This Cal State budget cuts are really frustrating. But I am going to be taking another Apparel Construction class! 😀 So I cant wait for that! I can work on my line and count it as class work.

I think I will also be taking a Women Studies class. Im sure I’ll find it really interesting. And by the looks of it, I’ll be going to school Mon-Thurs. again. Thats really the worst.

Hopefully I can raise my GPA this coming quarter and really kick some ass. So I can be ready to go back to school in the summer. UGHHH!!!

My Spring Break plans include indulging in good books! ( I really want to read more) and going to the Textile shows!!
I willl work every day on something for my line!


I want to fall asleep and wake up to spring break!!!

Waiting Impatiently,


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