Bloggin on location

Now  I must make this quick because while i am getting free wifi from bunker hill in downtown la, my computer power is not very long.
Today is another day that I am spending alone with my thoughts. It was really something special.  I started my day late, waking up at 9:30 to catch the rest of Regis and kelly and watch the veiw. Im rather lame.
But while i have school today, it was not important for me to go. So intead i decided to spend my day doing homework. yes, I really have been. A part of my textile class requirement, i needed to go to the FIDM museum to catch their exibit on Cinimatic fashion. I’ll have more of that in a later post.
One of my favorite movies is 500 Days of Summer. I especially liked it because Mark Webb (Director) really made an excellent decision of showing Los Angeles for its true beauty. Not just that Hollywood Glamour but rather the nice part of DownTown. If you have seen tat movie, then you are aware of that little park with the bench which they sit in. Well, Im there. and with this windy chilly LA weather, and my lonely thoughts, it is something that i can treasure. Yea, most of the sceneray is parking lots. but looking beyond that and looking behind me to se all the people realy just relaxing and enjoying the air is something i dont see everyday.  Unfortunatlly all i have to catpture the moment is my crappy cellphone camera.
But like John Mayer said,
” You’ll be with me next time I go outside

just no more 3×5’s
…hopping I would see the world with both my eyes”
Now I have to cut it short because my Laptop is about to die!!!

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