Your girl is Lovely Hubbell.

Oh! I couldn’t for the morning to write this!

Post Oscars, Barbra Streisand kept haunting me for some reason. She just wouldn’t go away. I then remembered how much the girls from Sex and the City loved the movie ” The Way We Were”. Of course Carrie saw herself like Katie. In the SATC episode, “Ex and the City” Carrie reenacts the last scene, “Your girl is lovely Hubbell.” to Mr. Big. I had never seen the movie till today.
And I must say, I have no words. I, of course, can automatically put myself in the same position. I’m

Watch them side by side.

“The Way We Were”

“Ex and the City”

To really understand, you must watch “The Way We Were”. And the way Sex and the City managed to really  gather Carrie’s and Big’s relationship, showing the resemblance to that of Hubbel’s and Katie’s is WOW.

I really think I am a Katie girl.

AH! you mustttt watch!

I’ll have my Oscar Best/Worst Dressed list up tomorrow afternoon!
But for now,
Your girl is lovely Hubbell.



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