Goldie Hawn and a Sprained foot.

Well my weekend was… uneventful.

I also work at a high school and we took our kids to UCLA and the Getty Center. I loved the Getty. I think Ive been there once. Well if you haven’t been to the Getty, you must make an effort to visit.  Not only is it HUGE but it is amazing architectural wise, but it also offers balcony’s with amazing views of Los Angeles.
For museum hours and visit their site:

All that walking and climbing all the stairs at UCLA really messed up my foot. For the past few week my foot has been mess up  but  i was trying to ignore it. well i think with all that walking on the trip, i really messed up my foot even more.. So I’ve been crippled all day. And tonight (Sunday) was “Smiths/Morrissey Night” at the Echo.. I really wanted to go..

Instead I watched Movies. Like the HouseSitter with Goldie Hawn and Steve Martin. it was a really cute movie. But even more it got me thinking just how awesome Goldie is.! she is like soo beautiful and just a real catch in all her movies. Unique. Thats the word. I would love to have her appeal. 

Even though my weekend wasn’t really filled with fashion, or work on my line, I did have an interesting weekend. No, I wasn’t Partying away, but grabbing inspiration. The Getty was lovely and I want to spend an entire day there. 
Goldie Hawn and her career as well as her character in her movies was also an inspiration. I am defiantly going to make an effort to watch more of her movies!

Thaat was my weekend….How was yours? 

Leave your comments below!

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