Fashion Districts Errands and Olsenboyle Contest….

I woke up at 7:11am. and usually I wake pissed off and wanting to go back to sleep. This morning, I woke up so happy. Because I was waking up for myself. I have several appointments with different fabric/textile distributors from 10am to 3pm. When I was already almost at my first location, I get a call from the sales man saying he had to reschedule. I then headed to my second location. Everything was peachy and as I was going through the sample swatches, I was asked for my resale ID. Through context clues I quickly figured out what the sales woman meant. Since I am just starting, of course I dont have a business license. So I came and went
The follow locations were more successful. I made sure I asked about sample yardages and minimums. I got some great swatches:

But I still need to look for more fabrics and especially find some applique’s  and trims. 
My next steps is to figure out all the math involved in making my patterns. I am very afraid. That will be a headache for sure!!! But with the old pattern samples I got from school, I think it will be manageable.
On a different note, surfing the web I discovered a design contest held by Mary-Kate and Ashley’s newest line, Olsenboyle. It is a junior line for JC Penny. So I thought, I have a ton of sketches why not submit one. 

It is a mid-drift silk one shoulder top with sequence paired up with tuxedo shorts.I am still unsure if this design will be a part of my collection. But I thought I could be a good fit for the contest. The grand prize winner  gets a trip to New York to meet Mary-Kate and Ashley, a $1000.00 gift card for JC Penny and a chance to have their design apart of the Olsenboyle collection. I’ve been a HUGE fan of the Olsen sisters since like forever! And occasionaly I still watch their straight to DVD movies!! So meeting them would be amazing! Especially since I love their Elizabeth and James line. A grand to spend at JC Penny! Oh heck yes! Sephora is now there! Makeuppp!!! and well, I can not even begin to express how freaking cool it would be to have something I designs in thousands of stores throughout the country.
People can vote on the top finalist, so if I get to that point, Ya’ll better vote!!! 

If you are interesting in entering here is the link:

The day is still early and there is still lots to be done. I’ll keep ya posted!


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